Joel Eriksson | Music composer and sound designer

Joel Eriksson

Composer for games and film.

Joel Eriksson is an accomplished music producer from Sweden. He has gained recognition as a composer of game, film and pop music. Born in the late 1970s, he began to make music at a young age and also developed a love of computer games. 

Joel Eriksson began to work on music for games early in his career. In 2000, he made the music for the acclaimed EA game, Battlefield 1942. This innovative WWII themed multiplayer game gained cult and commercial success, spawning a much loved series. The theme song is an iconic piece of music. It has been covered by orchestras and fans all over the world, as well as appearing in the sequels of the game franchise. Away from games, Eriksson has made music for films and TV. In 2006, he scored the music for the Finnish-Swedish feature film, 7 miljonärer.

In parallel, inspired by a love of Funk and groovy sounds, Joel Eriksson helped to start the Gonkyburg movement with Quant. He began to release records as Jol, with singles for the innovative Swedish Dot label in 2000. The Moody Aow album followed for the Danish April Records imprint in 2003 and The Life in the sun Ep for DNM in 2006. Joel met Erik Niklasson from Plej and they began to create songs as Yuki-Jobo. One of the songs, Supernova Sky, featured acclaimed Swedish-Japanese singer Yukimi Nagano (later of Little Dragon fame). Soon after, Joel and Erik set their sights on pop stardom as The Similou. In 2004, the duo had a pop hit in the shape of All This Love, which was released on Sony in the UK, and climbed the charts in the UK, Australia and in Sweden. The Similou toured extensively in Sweden and were the support act for the Backstreet Boys in Stockholm at Globen. Away from The Similou, Eriksson co-wrote hit songs for Japanese boy band Arashi. 

Eriksson has continued to compose and produce music to this day. By his own admissions, he has now grown up and in 2018 built his own studio. In 2021, he decided to celebrate twenty years since the original Battlefield 1942 theme, by recording a new version. He is currently working on game designing projects and wishes to create more soundtracks in the future.

Written by Jon Freer

23 mars 2021:

Announcing a new version of the battlefield 1942 theme. It’s a thankyou to everyone who liked it, played it, or reached out to me during the last 20 years. It’s close to the 1942 original feel, but a new production. Like it or not. My friend Artur Bondarchuk said it’s fire. I will not make another version again 20 years from now. I’ll look for something new to put my soul into. Don’t hesitate to reach out with a soundcloud message if you have any ideas.


Kärlek, Love och Ha det så bra!

Latest tracks:

Orchestral: Divine Fortune - Walls of Marble

by Joel Eriksson | NetEnt

Latest Track: Dark King Main Theme

by Joel Eriksson | NetEnt

Various Game Projects

This is a collection of tracks that I’ve made over the recent years. I’m proud of these colorful tracks that have a wide variety of styles.

Battlefield 1942 Originals

The picture is the old CD we each got for contributing to the game. Not all these tracks ended up in the game.

Thank you and deep bows to all who made covers and to the different orchestras performing this piece.


I made sound design and music working for the Australian game making mastermind, Andrew Daniel. I think that the sound picture is clear even if there’s lots of action on the screen at the same time.

Kung Fury: Street Rage

I was happy to get the opportunity to work with “Hello There” game company and go all in 80’s working with this title. I made some music tracks and the sound design in the game. They also used some tracks from Mitch Murder.


This was the first game I made music for. We used a pretty old synthesizer (Roland JV-1080 with the orchestral expansion.) The game is a Swedish production and was released in 1997. A kind of space puzzle adventure with a rather deep story to it.

The Similou

When I think back to the time when me and Jesse explored the ways of music together I get reminded of how many of our ideas should never see the light of day but was left and discontinued. I will make it a mission to find at least one of them and put it into the light of this empty spot.

The Similou was formed in 2001 by Joel Eriksson and Erik Niklasson. All This Love climbed the charts in the UK, Australia and Sweden and was signed to Sony’s Direction Records and U.K.’s Backyard Recordings in June 2006. The Similou played as supporting act for Backstreet Boys in Stockholm, Globen in the end of 2008.  


Wild Beasts was the first music video by The Similou

Rainbow Stalin

Someone misspelled Rainbow Stylin’ with Rainbow Stalin on a forum and kicked off a new wave of popularity for the song. 

past film and tvc works

Working with the feature film “7 millionaires” with some of the top actors of Sweden was a real thrill. During the years I have also had the opportunity to work with different TVC productions and corporate film productions. I have had a collaboration with the music house Syn Audio in Japan, why some of my works can be heard on Japanese productions. Some of the Swedish film companies I’ve worked with are Tre Vänner, STARK Film and Meindbender.


Here are some early funky tracks from the beginning of the century. Back then we had a thing going on called Gonkyburg. If you want to know more about Gonkyburg please head to Jon Freers in depth article “The Gonkyburg Story”.  

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